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Currently at GhostFoto we are looking for photo submissions from people just
like YOU. Had a paranormal experience? Have something in a photo that you
simple cannot explain? Send them to us. We will gladly put them on our Guest
Page and give you credit for your contribution to our site. Use this link for
Photos, send them as attachments. We will show the world what YOU found.

Duplication of ANY of the photos from this site without the Written consent of the owner of
GhostFoto.com is strictly Forbidden. Sure you can share them, Please do!. Print them and Sell
them or claim that they are yours and I WILL sue you. Web Masters, If you desire to place any
of my photographs on your site the watermark on my photos MUST remain intact and you MUST
link them to this site.

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All images with the GhostFoto.com tag are
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This site is like NO OTHER ghost site on the web.  It documents a journey
of normal people JUST LIKE YOU. Who have found they have some
extraordinary things in the pictures they take. We are NOT psychic, we are
not gifted, we are confused by the images we obtain and obsessed to obtain
more. This site is not simply a bunch of ORB pictures; although of course we
have them. GhostFoto is much more than that. Many of the photographs on our
site are paranormal works of art. . Enjoy your visit with us.

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Ghost Hunting
This Ghost photograph is as original and authentic as it gets. Not what you would expect a spirit to look like but yet, a real ghost it is!
Edwards Grave Revisited
A Ghost "My Friend"
Updates on Edwards Grave..
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